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Fera Tallow

Pure Whipped Tallow

Pure Whipped Tallow

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Organic, Grass-Fed Whipped Tallow, unscented and crafted with a touch of enriching jojoba oil. 

Say goodbye to nasty chemicals and toxins, and say hello to a new level of skincare. 

Our Pure Whipped Tallow is great as a simple everyday moisturiser, it is gentle enough for babies sensitive skin and healing for those with fresh tattoos or skin irritations like eczema or psoriasis.

Ingredients: Organic Grass-fed Tallow, Jojoba Oil 


Fera Tallow products contain no preservatives or stabilisers, so if placed in a warm environment they may melt, causing separation. This is normal and does not cause any change in the product, simply mix gently and store in a cool place. Additionally, if placed in a cool environment they may be more firm. 

Batches may vary due to natural ingredients. In some batches, you may notice that your tallow is a little grainy. This is due to how quickly tallow goes from liquid to solid form. It's important to note there's nothing wrong with this and it will melt into your skin. It's simply part of the natural process.

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